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Our Story

10 Years of transforming the industry,
a concept 150 years in the making

In 1877, Thomas Edison created the first phonograph prototype. Did you know that phonograph technology has been used for almost 150 years now? Did you know that phonograph technology has brought the joy and happiness of hearing to many people’s lives once again today?


After repeated trial and error,
a prototype finally created…

Encounter with a phonograph

The story of Mirai Speaker began when we came across a university professor researching music therapy who told us that the sound created by a phonograph can be heard more easily by the elderly who are hard of hearing. We wondered why sound created by a phonograph is more easily heard by the elderly? We focused our attention on the “curved surface” of the phonograph’s trumpet.


After 2 years of work, the Mirai Speaker
was finally born.

Development of a prototype

With the help of a legendary engineer from a major audio manufacturer, development of a prototype began based on the hints from phonograph. After the prototype was completed, we conducted a trial with people with hearing loss to check its effectiveness.


We believe that Mirai speakers can help
even more people who are hard of

Through the trial, we began to receive responses of “I can hear even when I take my hearing aid off!” Based on this positive feedback, The first Mirai Speaker was released to the world. It was the fall of 2015. Initial main customers were airlines, banks, government offices, churches and others that needed to project clear audio announcements in large, crowded spaces.


The Mirai speaker for home use was
born, and since then its user base has
rapidly spread in Japan and throughout
the world

Development of the Home model

As the use of Mirai Speaker in companies increased, so did media attention. When the product was featured on a well-known TV program, inquiries from individual customers asking for a personalized product skyrocketed. In 2018, the company began development of Mirai Speaker for home use. Finally, in May 2020, the Mirai Speaker for home use was born, and since then its user base has rapidly spread in Japan and throughout the world.


Mirai Speaker Soundbar is created to meet
the needs of our growing users

Development of the Mirai Speaker Soundbar

In 2023, after three years of development, Mirai Speaker has further evolved in order to answer the customers need to ‘not only hear dialogue very easily’, but also ‘enjoy sound more’. During production, we answered these needs so that our customers can enjoy content such as movies and TV programs to the fullest. As the newest sound bar model became compatible with overseas markets, it made it possible to deliver “easy-to-hear” dialogue to a greater extent across the world.

Mirai Speaker

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