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Mirai Speaker


The Mirai Speaker was designed specifically to help you enjoy clearer TV dialogue at home, helping you hear dialogue more clearly amongst background sounds and music found in everyday TV and movies.

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Clear dialogue without raising the TV volume.

The Mirai Speaker is here to help you enjoy entertainment with the ones you love


Designed specifically to help you enjoy clearer TV dialogue at home

The Mirai Speaker was created in Japan with the goal of helping individuals hear dialogue more clearly amongst background sounds and music found in everyday TV and movies. Our sound bar sharpens the quality of speech while reducing the background noise for an improved entertainment experience.


Tailored for easy listening to improve the following experiences:

 People who want to pay attention not only to the ease of hearing words but also to the sound quality.
– Even if the volume is just right for those around you, it’s still hard to hear for yourself.
– The sound experience is very loud and a bit noisy for others, while being easy to hear for yourself.



Improved dialogue clarity watching media with the ones you love

Whereas most speakers on the market simply increase the volume of the device to hear better, Mirai Speaker separates itself by boosting dialogue to help the user hear clearly. No need to turn up the volume high, impacting others around you. And no need to feel left out from dialogue clarity listening in with the ones you love.



Great stereo sound with dual curved speakers

We used two curved speakers, the core technology behind Mirai Speaker’s AudibleWave Technology, to allow for great stereo sound. Not only can you hear voices clearly, but enjoy great surround sound for movies and TV shows.



Effortless set up:

Easily set up in your favorite space at home
Mirai Speaker is lightweight and easy for set up. Paired with a minimalistic approach for details, its both easy to use and blends in naturally with the TV environment.

Easily adjust the audio to your preference
Mirai Speaker comes equipped with an AUX cable and and Optical Cable (recommended). With the Optical Cable connection, you’ll be able to not only enjoy enhanced dialogue quality from your Mirai Speaker, but also a blended audio experience from both speaker and TV audio combined.

Easily adjust the audio to your preference
The minimalist approach to design also is reflected in adjusting the audio. The front of the Mirai Speaker features a sleek panel, with dial to adjust the audio to your optimal level. A remote is also included so you can take advantage of the Mirai Speaker from anywhere in the room.



Our full support:

The Mirai Speaker Customer Service Team not only offers full support via phone and contact, and will work with you to help your provide solutions to your questions!



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Mirai Speaker

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